Sarah Palin's birth of a nation

On July 9th, South Sudan becomes the world's newest nation. That same day, Sarah Palin plans to visit South Sudan. I can't decide if this is good, bad, or just weird. I can say that this has been under-reported in American media. First of all, the border remains something of a war zone, so I hope Sarah Palin is packing heat. Kidding aside, is it really wise for Palin to release information about her trip so far in advance? When the president or other high official goes to a war-torn country, it's all top secret until they are actually on the ground.... because (if it's not obvious) that gives bad guys less time to plan.

I'm not saying Palin shouldn't go. Perhaps her presence will call attention to the atrocities in this ravaged country... or give encouragement to the (extremely) new government. But it seems like poor judgement to release this information so far ahead. (ABC News' Dana Hughes is one of the few reporters to stay on top of this story. ) More on South Sudan's nationhood in our previous post.

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