New country born July 9, 2011

Your globes and wall maps will be obsolete in just 30 days! That's because on July 9, a new independent nation enters the world. It's South Sudan, born of a treaty between the factions that split the nation of Sudan. The south, which is largely Christian, felt increasingly that independence was necessary to ensure religious freedom (Most northerners are Muslim). Even though this split is only a month away, I was surprised to find a lack of decent maps visualizing this historic change. I especially wanted to see a map that showed the marked climate differences between the dry Sahara north and the more fertile, wetter, south. I couldn't find a map like that, so I made one. The bigger version here has much more detail.  (updated, thanks SP)


  1. President Mubarak could have prevented the coup against him had he sent the Egyptian army against Sudan and deposed the regime in Kharatoum. Then when the Libyan civil war broke out, Egypt could have invaded and annexed Libya, uniting with Sudan to form a United Arab Republic.