New book by Michael Trinklein

Check out the new book from Michael Trinklein, the author of Lost States. Titled Fun Maps: A quirky collection of geographic curiosities, it's an eclectic collection of grin-inducing maps—priced at just $3.99.
Richly illustrated, this book offers an entertaining stream of delightful maps and fascinating facts. Discover the city that wants to switch states, the patch of Idaho where crimes can’t be prosecuted, and the Civil War plan for the north to secede. 
Learn about the U.S. Congressman who made the most incredible geographic blunder of all time, the U.S. coin that botched the map of Georgia, and a list of movies that get their geography all wrong. Find the place where 5 states meet (almost), and learn the most-likely location of Atlantis. Best of all, Fun Maps has dozens of original maps, all optimized for viewing on your Kindle.
Many of these tidbits have been written about in this blog; Fun Maps brings it all together in one entertaining package.