61 State map

The New Republic envisions all the statehood movements getting approved... and creates a map to reflect the new reality. While none of the statehood movements on their map stand much of a chance, it does help to visualize the red/blue divide even more precisely than the usual presidential election maps. While I appreciate writer Nate Cohn taking on this issue, he oddly neglects the one statehood movement that actually has a chance: Puerto Rico.  Read the article here.

by Michael Trinklein

Business Week weighs in

Claire Suddath from Business Week weighs in on the current flurry of statehood proposals. (She interviewed me for about a half-hour or so a few days ago). The story does a nice job of putting the issue in some historical context, and connecting these movements to the recent polarization in politics. You can read the full story here. 

by Michael Trinklein

New York Times

The New York Times includes a quote from me on their story about the proposed state of West Colorado. Thanks Jack Healy. Read the story here.