Texas' "Lost State"

We just posted a nifty new "Lost States"video on Youtube. This one details the fascinating tale of Adelsverein, a German attempt to create a new state in Texas. You won't believe who the Germans cut a deal with... watch the video.

New York to split?

Upstate New York threatens to split from New York City in late 2009. In the past, the Big Apple has tried to extricate itself from it's less cosmopolitan neighbors to the north—this proposal is unusual in that it originated upstate. What would they name the new state? Upstate New York or West New York or maybe The Real New York.

Statehood for D.C. on the frontburner

Statehood for Washington D.C. isn't exactly a recent idea, but a new round of protests has brought the topic back onto the front burner. More details in the Washington Times here. Of course the big problem is what to name the potential new state. Washington doesn't work (we already have one). And New Columbia sounds like one of those banana republics run by druglords.   Oh.

Long Island statehood on "The Daily Show"

Sure, Long Island statehood is a serious issue to many, but not to "The Daily Show." Watch this very funny clip of John Stewart and company offering their take on this potential 51st state.

Absaroka written up in NY Times

The New York Times writes extensively about Absaroka, the state that would have included what is now eastern Wyoming and western South Dakota. Proponents even held a "Miss Absaroka" pageant in 1939... but no followup contest in 1940. So apparently the 1939 winner is still wearing her tiara.