Rick Perry wants to be president.... of what?

North America's 4 biggest nations—according to Rick Perry.
What country does Texas Governor Rick Perry want to be president of? Late last week, he stuck his toe in the presidential waters, but he didn't clarify which country he thought he might want to lead. Remember, in 2009, he said Texas has a right to secede from the United States and form its own country. So is he considering running for president of the United States of America? Or the Nation of Texas?

Rick Perry might be a great potential US president—or not—I don't know. What I do know is that he makes a lot of mistakes about geography and history. For example, we noted before that he seems to think Juarez is in Texas (it's actually in Mexico). Also, while he's correct that Texas has a unique right to split into separate US states, there is nothing anywhere that supports his claim that Texas has a special right to secede from the Union. Creating new states is totally different from seceding... any 6th grader should understand that. America has added new states 37 times. But the US government has never allowed any state to secede. There was a big war over that.

Admittedly, there is a serious school of scholarship that suggests secession should be legal. Thomas Woods makes a compelling case. But even if that's so, Texas has no "special" right to consider secession. It has the same right that Idaho has.

And fast drivers take note... would a Perry presidency mean the whole country gets an 85 mph speed limit... like they have in Texas??

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