Garden of Eden - located!

Has the Garden of Eden been located? New scientific research, coupled with coordinates laid out in the Bible itself, mean it may indeed be possible to determine the garden's location on a modern map. This shouldn't be all that surprising of a development. Archeology consistently validates the historicity of  Biblical geography. Even non-believing archeologists recognize that the Bible describes real places.  (For lots more on this, here's a great article by my favorite author Paul L. Maier)

But what about the Garden of Eden? Most Christians believe it was a real place, but unlike Jerusalem or Rome, its ancient location is not obvious. Yet the Bible does offer a surprisingly detailed description of the Garden of Eden's location. The problem has always been that that researchers could not find two of the rivers mentioned in the Biblical description. Modern hydrological sciences have recently solved that problem, giving scientists all the data necessary to triangluate the Garden of Eden.

But the data didn't add up. Until recently, that is—when Phd hydrologist Ward Sanford offered an elegant solution. You can read his full report here (scroll down for the details). But first, watch our video above to find out where the Garden of Eden likely was (or is).

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