"Shutdown" means a map without Minnesota?

So if Minnesota's government really has "shut down" then wouldn't the map look like the above? I just don't understand these fake "shutdowns." Are they still giving speeding tickets? Do they still collect sales tax? Is the University of Minnesota still holding classes? (If it was winter, would the Golden Gophers hockey team be canceling the season?). It doesn't seem to me like these "shutdowns" are anything other than politicians positioning to blame other politicians.

Of course, this is beginning to get really serious in Minnesota--the fake shutdown now means they can't sell Miller Beer in the state.  If that keeps up, my map may turn out to be prescient... Minnesotans will be scrambling to secede and join Wisconsin, where there will never be a shortage of Miller Lite. Or Miller MGD 64, my personal favorite... which I am enjoying as I write this. (Am I desperately hoping someone from Miller will read this and send me a free case? Yep.)

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