Biggest map goof ever?

Maps have errors all the time, but usually those errors aren't cast in stone (or a copper-zinc-nickel alloy). But that's exactly what happened with the map on the Georgia commemorative quarter.... they got the map wrong. No kidding. If you have one of these you can look for yourself. The coin doesn't have Dade County, which is the upper left corner of the state. The error is especially weird, because Dade County tried to secede from Georgia in the Civil War era (more on this in Lost States). Yesterday, the Atlanta paper revisited his oddity (their link down, here is another). We're shocked the error was never fixed. (What if it had been a US map... and they had left off Washington DC? Well... that might be an improvement.) Anyway, we were so upset that they never corrected this map goof, that, darn it, we made the fix ourselves. Now, for the first time, you can see what this coin was supposed to look like.

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