Don't walk - especially in Florida

In what state is a pedestrian most-likely to get hit by a car? Florida, by far. But when I read the full report on pedestrian danger, I noticed no map... and it needed one! That's because a trend becomes clear when you plot the data. Specifically, the south is a bad place to be a pedestrian. Why that is, I don't know. And why is say, Alabama, worse than car-crazy California? Is it because there are more elderly drivers in the south? Or is it just the fact that nobody in the north walks in winter, so there's no pedestrians to hit in the tundra states for much of the year? What do you think?? This is actually an important issue. At least one group says that better design of our roads and walkways could have prevented 47,000 pedestrian deaths in the last 10 years. Bigger map HERE.

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