Saddest town in baseball

Quiz question: What US city (in the lower 48) is furthest from a major league baseball team? The crack staff at Lost States spent way too much time figuring this out. It's Loring, Montana--nearly 900 miles to the nearest ballpark. So if major league baseball wants to correct this geographic shortcoming, it should start an expansion franchise in Loring. But what to call the team? What's Loring famous for? It's hard to know; even Google and Yahoo searches reveal nothing other than automated links like "nearest singles to Loring, Montana" or "nearest day spas to Loring, Montana." (I bet no one's ever clicked on that one!) Hmmm, maybe the team's name should reflect this search engine shortcoming—call the team the Loring Yahoos. Are you listening, Bud Selig? (5/26/11 UPDATE: We fend off claims that Turner, Montana is sadder than Loring.)

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