Loring vs Turner - The Feud

The fine folks at Baseball Think Factory have been debating a claim made on these pages... namely whether Loring, Montana is the furthest city (in the lower 48) from a major league baseball ballpark. It seems another site (flipflopflyball.com) made the claim that the honor should got to Turner, Montana. So the crack staff at Lost States checked their facts, double-checked them again, then triple-play checked 'em again. And we're still right: it's Loring.... not Turner. Sorry flipflopflyball.com... you know a lot more about baseball than we do... but we do know our maps. For the record, Turner, Montana is 916 miles to Target field in Minneapolis, which is further than Loring (at 878). HOWEVER, Turner is just 825 miles to Safeco Field, much closer than Loring's 879. So Loring's 878 miles from the nearest ballpark makes it the winner (actually the loser, but...). [For you sticklers, we used road miles as suggested by Google Maps]

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