Canada's split: NY Times

Most Canadians don't consider Vancouver to be a part of the "real" Canada—that's according to a recent New York Times article.  The Times illustration goes like this: with the Vancouver Canucks as the only remaining Canadian team in the National Hockey League finals, you'd think all of Canada's citizens would be rooting for their countrymen to defeat the 3 American teams—right? Not so much. The Times says Canadians consider Vancouver "foreign." That may seem odd... then again, it is the only major city in Canada that never gets snow. And Vancouver is geographically closer to Russia than it is to Montreal. In fact, some parts of British Columbia are actually closer to Japan than to easternmost Canada. So if the prestigious New York Times suggests many Canadians want to kick Vancouver (and all of BC, I presume) out of Canada, well... that needs a map. Behold the new country of Canucka.

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