Soda vs. pop vs. coke

So what term do you use for fizzy soft drinks? It depends on where you fall on the map. People in the northeast tend to call it "soda." People in mid-America typically call it "pop." And southerners use the term "coke" generically for any type of fizzy soft drink. But the geographic dividing lines between these terms are not always clear--and Wisconsin is one of the states that has a split personality on this topic.  Last night I did a talk for the fine folks of Kiel, Wisconsin (big turnout! There are a lot of sharp folks in Kiel). The Wisconsin State Historical Society notes that Kiel was once home to a "soda pop" factory. I thought that was interesting—they didn't call it a "soda factory" or a "pop factory," it was described as a "soda pop" factory. That may be because eastern Wisconsin is a "soda" outpost surrounded by a "pop" region. Admittedly, the map above is simplified... but it does show the larger trends. Let us know what you call the fizzy stuff.... leave a comment below. (And thanks again, Kiel!)

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