New U.S. state named "Seven"

Thanks to Mike DeBow for alerting me to a new attempt to create the 51st state. It's the brainchild of Alabama Rep. Mary Moore, a Democrat from Birmingham. She's upset about the possibility that a big employer in her district (a gambling racetrack) might be shut down by the state. Her solution is to create a  new state, named "Seven" (because it's the 7th Congressional District of Alabama). It's not just the racetrack issue that has Rep. Moore angry. She and the other members of Alabama's black caucus are livid because the state government "has done nothing for us." In a series of speeches on July 1st, Gov. Bob Riley was called a terrorist, liar, racist and "a wet nurse to Mississippi casinos." I'm not exactly sure what that last insult means, but the imagery stopped me in my tracks. Anyway, the map above shows the location of the 7th district. You can read the Birmingham News report here.  While I'm all in favor of citizens working to create new and better states, Mary Moore needs a little branding help. "Seven" isn't a name people can rally around. How about "7-11." It ties in nicely with the gambling angle... and might lead to some corporate money from the convenience store chain. If naming rights for a stadium can sell for millions, think how much an entire state could haul in! Or, if you have a better idea for the new state's name... leave a comment!

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