Biggest geographic goof ever

You may have already seen Rep. Hank Johnson's now-infamous statement... the most bizarre geographic fact ever spoken by anyone in the U.S. Congress: He is worried the island of Guam will tip over. Lots of people ridiculed him when the video went viral... but I figured that no one could be that dumb, and there must be an explanation. So I went to his official web site. Johnson's retort is almost as hilarious as the original clip. He claims he was making an "obviously metaphorical reference." Yeah, right. Look at the clip. (Skip ahead to the 1:15 mark if you want to get to the good part). You decide. I had an even bigger laugh when I clicked on Rep. Johnson's official portrait. It's ENORMOUS. What is he thinking? Perhaps he assumes constituents will want to wrap skyscrapers with his image. It's so big, that all I could fit in the box above was his eye. But maybe that's good.... you get a great opportunity to look deep into the soul of America's biggest geographic blunderer ever.

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