When Japan invaded America

It's true. Nearly 70 years ago, during WWII, Japan invaded a portion of the U.S. and held the land for more than a year. The location was Alaska, specifically Attu and Kiska islands. The invasion took place on June 6th and 7th 1942. The U.S. didn't put up much of a fight, since most of the island's residents had been evacuated--sort of. The U.S. government had sent the native Aleuts to internment camps on the mainland. Nearly a year later, US forces took back Attu, but the hand-to-hand combat meant considerable loss of life on both sides.  After victory in Attu, the US invaded Kiska, but the Japanese had already secretly evacuated. July 28th marks the 68th anniversary of the end of Japanese occupation of American soil.

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  1. Since Alaska wasn't a state at the time, I think "Japan invaded a portion of a U.S. state and held the land for more than a year" is misleading if not simply inaccurate.