The city that wants to switch states

It's ironic that Utah and Nevada are adjacent; the two states couldn't be more different. In Utah, you can't get a drink. In Nevada, you can't NOT get a drink. The two states have only one real border down, Wendover, and as you can guess--it's bipolar. The Nevada side has 4 huge casinos, the Utah side has an Econo-lodge. And that means that one side of town has lots of money for good schools and roads and crime scene investigators--and the other side is dirt poor. A lot of people think the solution is to simply re-draw the state boundary, so that the east side of Wendover would be added to Nevada. There has been a lot of support for this over the years, but Utah isn't quite ready to let go. Too bad.  (For a larger version of the map, go here.)


  1. Something exactly like this happened in real history. However, it wasn't wealth that caused the city of Kaskaskia to change states from Illinois to Missouri. Modern maps include it in Illinois, however residents in the city will probably have an area code or license plate in Missouri. Even today the few people who live on the peninsula are unsure whether the town is in Illinois or Missouri.

    The town of Kaskaskia started out as an early Native American settlement. In the early 1700's French people began to force catholosism on the native americans and founded the settlement of Kaskaskia.

    Later Kaskaskia breifly became the capitol of Illinois.

    Heavy rains and flooding of the Mississippi caused the water flow to cut across the meander and instead of bending around the western side of the city the Mississippi changed course and now flowed mainly past the east side of the city, literally cutting it off rom Illinois by a wall of water and joining it onto Missouri. Kaskaskia has as well had many floods.

    This simply shows that our land is literally always moving and changing and, if it wants, can even alter the borders of our states whether we like it or not.

  2. I've been through West Wendover, NV and the casino parking structure in Wendover, UT. The Gold Nugget casino sits butted up against the border and the parking lot is on 'useless' gambling-free Utah land. Hilarious.