Weekly World News - flag "fail"

I put "fail" in quotes, because, of course, everything in Weekly World News is a silly joke. After all, this is the paper that once defended itself in a libel case by telling the judge that no one actually believes anything they write. So I wasn't all that surprised by an article that claims Mexico will be the 51st state. It's all in good fun. But what was surprising was the flag they used to illustrate the story (above). It has 140 stars! I could understand a 51-star flag, or maybe a flag with 81 stars.... adding in the 31 states of Mexico. But a 140 star flag? Does no one at the paper know how many states we have? Or did they think their audience is stupid enough to think that 50 + 1 = 140. Oh.


  1. The pictured flag does not have 140 stars on it. It's 10 by 14, but there are some missing in the middle of the canton. Looks like 137 stars to me.

  2. I'be been trying to figure out a way to represent more states on the flag as we add more states to the USA. I came up with an idea. A white star can represent a single state. A bronze star can represent ten states, a silver star can represent 100 states, and a gold star can represent 1000 states. We could then have 50,000 states fit on our flag.

  3. We should just make an American Flag with a single star in the middle, to represent the Federal Government.

    Then, next to the Star, we can put a Sickle & Hammer to represent the complete bastardization of our incredibly Socilistic Country.

    God Bless AM3RIKA!