Real life is ramping up—so I'm going to have less time for this blog in the coming months. It's a bit of a bummer, because creating a new map every day has been a lot of fun. But, alas, my family needs me to do stuff that actually pays the bills. I'll try to post occasionally... but the daily geographic curiosity... well, that's going on hiatus. MIKE


  1. I'm very sorry to see you leave, slowly?, This blog has been a basic information for me and my, where to find the information needed to laugh a little, to make sure the people do not know about geography, that errors and misuse may be a cause of long talks. Anyway, I think I lost a bit of reflection on my grandparents do this to let it all a little something?. Sorry, I have not submitted. I live in Barcelona, Europe. I have a fledgling blog called Mapping the World that speak of history, curiosities and atrocities of the world, all based, or almost all, in maps and cartography. Now beginning to lift off, one day I will also leave it?. Thank you for everything and good luck.

    jordi Francesch

  2. Booooo!
    Have fun in real life =)