Ironic Grant County

Grant County, Oregon voted to declare itself a "United Nations-Free Zone" over concerns that the UN has plans to send in the black helicopter fleet, confiscate everyone's guns, and and enslave the local children (oh, wait, that last part's from TNT's new series Falling Skies). The fact that Grant county wants to separate itself from the rest of the USA isn't all that unusual, but it seems that no one there gets the irony. You see, Grant county is named for Ulysses S. Grant. 150 years ago, when another group of citizens didn't like what the government was doing, Ulysses Grant led the army that put a stop to the uprising. It's kinda like Bourbon county, Kansas—where bourbon is illegal. It's funny... and the irony makes it hard to take them too seriously. So maybe the first step Grant County should take is to change its name.... maybe rename itself after some famous statesman who was against the United Nations. I can see the sign now, "Welcome to Charles de Gaulle county, Oregon." 
(Read more about Grant county's anti-UN ways in this article by Jason Plautz)

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