Wayward Mountain Lion - route revealed

Have you heard about this wayward mountain lion that supposedly wandered from the Black Hills to Connecticut? I have a hard time buying this story, but scientists say tracking data proves it. One thing is sure: his actual route remains a mystery. Did this big kitty go through Canada as some scientists believe? Maybe. But why? There's not much up there for the feline tourist.  I think maybe he was on a quest to visit his kittycat friends... the Detroit Lions and Tigers... the Cincinnati Bengals... and the Carolina Panthers. (mercifully, I stopped trying to come up with sports teams named after cats, but feel free to add your own)


  1. It would've had to swim from the U.S to Canada on the way there and back over a river on it's way back if it took the 'likely route'. Not sure they're aquatic.

  2. I agree... that's why it seems so weird. But the alternative is he crossed Interstates wandered through the suburbs. Strange either way.

  3. (1) Aren't there interstates and suburbs in Canada, too?
    (2) Aren't there plenty of rivers within the US, too?

    And adding another NFL cat team: Jacksonville Jaguars!