America's most "Desperate" state

What state do those "Desperate Housewives" live in? Sharp Lost States reader "A B" pointed out evidence that Wisteria lane is located in the state of "Eagle." See the license plate above--from a surreptitious snapshot taken on the show's set. Where Eagle is on the US map will require a bit of homework (more on that later), but I can say this: be glad you don't live there. The place must have the highest crime rate in the world! Consider the violent crimes committed in just a few years on one block of a fairly well-to-do neighborhood: murder, suicide, arson, kidnapping, vehicular manslaughter, fraud and theft. Oh, and there was a serial killer wandering the neighborhood. And a plane just happened to crash there, too. These people can't even go to the grocery store without a shootout. If you visit the Desperate Housewives set, you'll notice the Leave it to Beaver house just down the street. I don't recall Wally and the Beav ever fighting off serial killers.... my how times have changed in that neighborhood!

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