There's no state named "Rhode Island"

It's true. There is no state named "Rhode Island." The actual name of the smallest state is "State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations." "Rhode Island" is just a nickname. The state's official name is so long, it won't fit on any map... no even a map that's actual size. So the state usually goes by its nickname. Last year, voters cast ballots on whether to make the shorter name official. Some thought the word "plantations" had ugly connotations of slavery, others defended the state's history on this issue. The measure lost, and so the long name remains official  So, please refer to the state by its official name. I mean, if we start shortening state names for convenience, think of the result. We'd have states named "Al" and "Ken" and "Ida" and "Minni" and "Cal" and "Tex." 

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