Nationhood for Scotland

Just the name "United Kingdom" implies that at one time the kingdom was not so united. Even casual observers know that many folks in Northern Ireland would like to secede from the United Kingdom and join Ireland. But fewer people are aware that Scotland also has it's share of separatists who want to create a independent nation of Scotland. Reading about this in the Globe and Mail, I was surprised there was no map, but I guess everyone in the U.K. knows where Scotland is. But us Americans, we need a map. So here's a map of what the British Isles would look like under the separatists plan.


  1. The desire to secede is certainly ironic. If anything, it was Scotland that conquered Britain and made it what it is today!

  2. Independence for Scotland! SAOR ALBA! (

    Independence for Wales! (Plaid Cymru)

    Independence for Northern Ireland (Sinn Fein)

    Autonomy for Cornwall (Mebyon Kernow)

    Independence for Mann (Mec Vannin)

    Independence for England (English First Party)

  3. Scotland didn't conquer Britain, Hanover did. And was invited in by the English to prevent Scots Catholics from continuing to control the monarchy (which they had since 1603) after the Acts of Union in 1707 created a single Parliament for Scotland and England (including Wales).

    To reduce Scottish power, the English imported King George I from Hanover after the death of Queen Anne in 1714, and until 1837, Great Britain (with various name changes to ultimately be the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland) were in personal union with the Electorate, later the Kingdom, of Hanover (with Napoleonic interruption).

    The personal union ended when Victoria came to rule the UK, as female rule was forbidden in Hanover and it passed to the control of Ernest Augustus, 8th child of George III (who was monarch when the American War for Independence was waged).

  4. I heard the head of the Bank of Ireland called for Ireland to withdraw from the European Union and seek admission into the USA as a state. I think the USA should make them an offer. There are 40 million Irish-Americans in the US today, everyone in Ireland speaks English, it would improve Ireland's economic lot while adding more young people to the population base of the USA.