Samoan Time Warp

It's like something out of the TV show "Lost." A madman on an island in the south Pacific has found a way to jump forward in time. It's true.... but maybe not quite that dramatic. The "madman" isn't really all that mad, just a little eccentric. And all he really wants to do is move the International Date Line. Wait, you can do that? Indeed you can. The leader of the nation of Samoa, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, wants to switch to the west side of the Date Line, so his country will be in sync with Australia and New Zealand. Most Samoans think he's nuts. This is the same guy who declared that all Samoans had to switch from driving on the right side of roads to driving on the left. I'm not making this up. At least neighboring American Samoa is staying sane. No time zone switch proposed there. But if you travel from the Nation of Samoa to American Samoa--just a few miles apart--you will switch days every time. Hmmmm.... what if you took a really fast jet and flew in circles from one to the other over and over.....  (Press reports here and here and here)

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