Borders from 1967.... is that 1967 A.D. or B.C.?

In his big speech, Pres. Obama forgot to tell us which 1967 borders he wanted for Palestine. Did he mean the borders from 1967 A.D..... or 1967 B.C.? Yesterday's speech was as big as it gets on this type of thing—as Obama proposed nationhood for Palestine. His talk was all about where the borders should be; and we love border-talk here at Lost States! That's why we were so dismayed that the president didn't get specific on the A.D. vs B.C. issue. Sure, the 1967 A.D. borders would mean a 2-state solution, but the Israelis don't much like that idea because the 1967 A.D. borders are difficult to defend. I'd guess the Israelis would like the 1967 B.C. borders even less, since the Canaanites would get most of the region. And one thing both sides can agree on: we don't want the Canaanites back. Given the Canaanites proclivity for child-sacrifice (and other stuff we can't even mention in a family-friendly blog) we can all be glad the Canaanites are gone from the earth.