Atlanta from "Gone With the Wind"

Gone With the Wind is among the bestselling books of all time. Here at Lost States, we thought it would be fun to see how the story played out on a map. It didn't take long to realize that author Margaret Mitchell used lots of real places in the book—locations than can be pinned down on an 1860s Atlanta map. She even placed her fictional buildings in the neighborhoods where you'd expect them. We were surprised no one had previously collected all this info on a map of Atlanta—so we created the detailed "period" map above.
House #1 is Rhett Butler's residence; # 2 is the Leyden House, and #3 is the Governor's mansion. There's lots more. To see the detail up close, zoom in on the map above.  Better yet, to buy a print go here.  (and you can always used the little "M" icon below to mail this page to your Gone With the Wind-obsesssed Aunt Myrtle. You know, the aunt who named her cat "Rhett.")

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