Trump: Iraq should be the 51st state

Critics of the war like to call Iraq the "51st State"as a way of pointing out the amount of money and manpower that's been poured into that nation. I once ran the numbers, and we could have spent less in Iraq by just skipping the invasion--and offering each citizen $100,000. Yeah we save money by just buying the country outright. Family of five, you get a half-million in US dollars... sign right here. I think most Iraqis would go for that one. Of course, I wasn't really serious about making Iraq the 51st state, but apparently Donald Trump is.
He says we should "stay" in that nation since we are the "conquerors." When we did that in other places, we eventually made that conquered territory into US states. It seems pretty clear that's what Trump wants to do. Normally, I wouldn't even mention this kind of bizarre rant...  but the guy is running for president... so... Anyway, you can watch Trump actually say this stuff all serious-like in the clip above.

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