NFL creates dumbest maps ever

Please help me understand the point of a series of bizarre maps on the NFL web site. Hey, I'll find any excuse to like a map, but does anyone really need to see the weekly travel of each team? Look at the example above. Does that tell you anything useful? OK, I guess the map shows that, say, the Green Bay Packers are traveling to Kansas City... or is it Denver? I'm a map geek and I can't tell! Besides, wouldn't it be more useful to just type up, "Green Bay at Denver"?  (Or is it Denver at Green Bay? I can't tell from this stupid map.) Wait, wait, I think I figured it out! If you squint just right at all the crosshatchy red lines, you will see the Chinese symbol that translates roughly, "season cancelled suckers." Feel free to investigate this series of pointless maps here.


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