51st state needs a name. Got any ideas?

There is growing movement in southern Arizona to create the 51st state, but they have a problem: they can't come up with a good name. In a recent poll, "Baja Arizona" was the top choice, but that has all kinds of problems. First, it has too many syllables--six! California, by comparison, has four (Five if you count Schwarzenegger's pronunciation). Many fear the name "Baja Arizona" might imply the residents want to rejoin Mexico (which they decidedly don't). Second in the poll is "Gadsden"after the guy who bought the land (Gadsden Purchase). But America has a semi-official policy not to name states after people. It would be hard to imagine the U.S. having a state named after James Gadsden, but no state named after Lincoln or Jefferson! Third choice "South Arizona" follows the more common pattern (think West Virginia, or South Dakota). But I think supporters are forgetting a much better idea. Name the new state "Arizona"and rename the rest of the state "North Arizona." What do you think... Got any better ideas for a name?


  1. I'd approve of the name "Sonora" after the desert environment that constitutes the fledgling state.

  2. "But America has a semi-official policy not to name states after people"


    That's 10% right there.

  3. Yep, good call... even my kid got me on that one. But I meant after the original 13. All but Washington were named before we were a nation. Washington is the exception. Mike

  4. OK, I know Louisiana wasn't one of the 13 colonies!

  5. But wasn't Louisiana named before we bought it? Thus, leaving Washington the sole exception anyway.

    Plus, the list of states named after people is missing the Carolinas, as well as (indirectly), Delaware and Virginia.

  6. Why not Gila? Named after the Gila River, which was the northern border of the Gadsden Purchase, and is often used as the proposed border for this new state. Thought you'd like a strait answer once in a while.

  7. Email me at longew@gmail.com and know the perfect name that the public would embrace, and the nation.

  8. Why don't we name it Franklin? As a double-meaning name for both President Franklin Pierce (the one who presided over the purchase) as well as Benjamin Franklin.

    Or if we really want to keep away from naming it after people. My other suggestion is Anasazi.