US worries about Japanese tsunami... in 1947!

This story borders on the creepy... like something out of a time-travel movie. It seems the U.S. government had concerns about an earthquake-induced tsunami from Japan— more than 60 years ago! According to above 1947 map (which you can see full-size after the break) the U.S. had plotted likely earthquake sites in Japan—and calculated the time it would take for those tsunamis to reach Honolulu. I guess it's logical that the U.S. would be on top of this type of thing, I just had no idea the efforts dated back so far. But it makes sense. The 1933 Sanriku quake—pictured above—looks eerily similar to the devastation from last week. The full map shows all the major Pacific earthquakes prior to 1947...

You can zoom in really close on the 1947 map below. Check out the various earthquake locations.

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