Idaho teachers rip page from Wisconsin playbook

There's a lot going on in the world, so you may have missed an interesting national story coming out of Idaho. Teachers there—emboldened by their brethren in Wisconsin—have begin to explore a ballot initiative that would return the collective bargaining rights recently eliminated by state legislators. As the only teacher who's lived in both Idaho and Wisconsin for 20+ years each, I feel obliged to offer the simplest route to a solution. Forget about ballot initiatives, and recall elections, and endless protests. Instead, use the process clearly laid out in the U.S. Constitution: redraw the borders. You can read the details of the legal framework for this in my Wall Street Journal article. But the bottom line is this: if you can't change a state's rules, then redraw the state borders—to put your town in a different state. My proposed solution to ALL of Idaho's problems is the map above. Larger image here

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