Atlantis coordinates revealed... for the first time anywhere

This article will reveal the latitude and longitude of the long lost civilization of Atlantis. Here' the backstory: Spanish anthropologist Juan Villarías-Robles and a team of scientists have spent years studying the curious features in Donaña National Park near Cadiz, Spain. Then American professor Richard Freund swooped in and began studying the same features. Freund quickly declared the place Atlantis and persuaded National Geographic to do a special about "his" work. Villarías-Robles (the guy without a TV special) lamented that Freund's ideas were "fanciful" and "sensational." Alas, no one listened much to Villarías-Robles—because he didn't have the National Geographic PR machine behind him, like Freund did.

That's a long way of saying that I don't know if Freund is right or wrong—but I can say one thing: his special never actually revealed the street-level location of his purported Atlantis... the program carefully avoided that. But the crack team here at Lost States has used the latest techniques of TV forensics to piece together the precise location. We took the snippets of maps revealed in the National Geographic special and painstakingly fit them to satellite images to come up with the latitude and longitude of Freund's Atlantis. Story continues....

Below is a zoomable map that will show you the spot of long-lost Atlantis. It's in a public space, so anyone who's in Spain can traipse around this important historic site and look for artifacts. But if you don't see much, don't blame me! First, I'm not sure Freund knows what he's doing. Second, I'm relying on a map made by TV graphic artist—not a cartographer.  That said, this may be the closest to Atlantis you'll ever get. So if you'd like to visit Atlantis yourself, just plug the following numbers into your GPS (geo:lat=36.965135 geo:lon=-6.336622). Better yet, just "visit" the location via Google maps—below.

View Atlantis in a larger map

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