Is Alaska leaving the U.S.??

Is Alaska leaving the United States? Newsweek magazine tosses around the idea this week. It's not as bizarre as you might think. There is a growing independence party in Alaska; the state has lots of natural resources; and it's only been a U.S. state for 51 years. Heck it wasn't that long along that Alaska was part of Russia. Of course, de-statehood would be a boon to flag makers--we'd all have to go back to a 49 star flag (above).


  1. So, you think there's a secession movement in Alaska? You'all oughtta come to Hawaii, braddah. You gonna get choke secession, make Alaska look like small potatoes, fa' sure. (Don' know what mean "choke"? Look 'um up, dude

  2. I can't resist...

    If Alaska secedes, will they take Sarah Palin with them? (Please!)