Geographic Puzzler

Kudos to NPR's Car Talk guys for this interesting puzzler:
"There is only one city in the United States whereby traveling along the four compass points, the first state you reach is the same--no matter which direction you choose. Name the city and the state."
While there may be only one "city" that fits this description (answer Friday), I found at least one additional location in America that fits this description. There may be more.... do you know of any? (Thanks to Al Cyclone for pointing out this great riddle!)


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  2. It seems like there are many points like this along state borders that follow rivers (e.g. TX/OK, northern KY, eastern NE, MT/ID, western MS, etc.)

  3. My guess for the other one is St. George, GA.

  4. This riddle contradicts itself. There are many settlements in the US where this description fits. It may be a stretch to call them cities, though.

    Corona, Tennessee
    Dozaville, Illinois
    Rome, Indiana
    Washington Island, Wisconsin
    Tottanville, New York (I guess you can call this a city since it is in a metropolitan area)
    Orleans Cross Roads, West Virginia
    Campbells, West Virginia
    Green Ridge, West Virginia
    Mexico, Maryland
    Wiley Ford, West Virginia
    Marlow, West Virginia
    Michigan Park, D.C.
    Stamford, Connecticut
    Carter Lake, Iowa
    St George, Georgia
    Kingsford, Michigan

  5. Surely that's true of any city in Alaska - travel along a line of latitude or longitude and once you leave Alaska, the next state you hit...eventually...will be alaska again (except for those parts of the state which are due north of Hawaii). It's probably true for parts of Maine too, for the same reason.