5-state point winner

View Larger Map Hats off to Vic Fieger who will go down in history as the first person to identify the 5-State Point; the place in America where one is the closest to being in 5 states at once (See earlier Simpsons entry). The point is in Virginia (Vic gives the coordinates as 36.959851, -81.972828) and it's 30 miles or less from Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina . The nearest city is Rosedale, which is about a mile away from the point. I thought I'd look for a bit of info on Rosedale, but a Google search turned up very little. I mean very little. All I could find was the health code violations of the Rosedale Pizza Plus. Turns out they've been holding their corn dogs at the improper temperature.  All the details here. Anyway, if I have any say, this little landmark will be called the "Feiger Point." Perhaps the town council of Rosedale will make such a declaration.


  1. I live near Rosedale and in college dated a girl from there for about a year and a half. Rosedale isn't a town, properly (at least I don't believe it is incorporated). It is essentially a village that is a suburb of the small town of Honaker, Virginia that is quite lovely (amazing farms with beautiful architecture), but in terms of commerce, well, there are a couple of gas stations and a post office, and one or two very small diners.

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