A Superior review

"Superior" is the very first lost state I ever came across... I read about the proposal in a Newsweek article in the 1970s--when I was a teenager. It seemed like such a weird, cool, fascinating idea. In today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, book reviewer Jim Higgins echoes that fascination in his very nice review of Lost States. While the online version of the review has no maps, the print version of the newspaper had a big map of Superior. Cool. So if you missed it, the map is above.... and a bigger version here. 


  1. Hey Michael - we'd like to do an interview with you for the website of New Jersey Monthly magazine. Can you drop me an email? I'm at jenmiller27 [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks!

  2. Having been to the UP once, I asked my wife, a native Michigander, why they didn't just give the UP to Wisconsin, since it was already attached. She replied: "They didn't want it."

    Which I think says everything you need to know about "Superior".


  3. The proposal has also been floated on the Minnesota side of the Lake to add the Arrowhead counties to the UP & north Wisconsin to create the State of Superior. The addition of the Iron Range and industrial port of Duluth would make the new state economically viable