Oops! Now? Writing for the Wall Street Journal

Writing an article for the Wall Street Journal (the top-selling paper in the country) was a fun challenge... WAY different from writing a book. Everything happens extremely fast. For example, minutes before press time, the managing editors decided the story needed a major change--rather than lead off with an anecdote about Chicago, they wanted to instead start with Long Island. Yikes! Clocking ticking, I hammered out a new open. True confession: I liked the Chicago open better. The fast pace of news biz means mistakes can happen... a lot of people were stunned that the Wall Street Journal's map made a big error--putting Michigan's upper peninsula into Canada. (SEE ABOVE) On one hand, I feel the need to point out that I never saw the map until the paper showed up at my door. On the other hand, this all goes so fast, I can understand how the artist can make mistakes under time pressures. Anyway, the folks at the Journal were all very smart and professional... it was a fun experience. (Oh, and they corrected the map online)

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