The end of Idaho

"Lost States" is all about thinking creatively about the U.S. map. Most entries in the book ponder adding new states, but what about subtracting? Specifically, why not eliminate Idaho? I think most Idaho residents would actually be in favor of the idea. People from Idaho Falls and all of eastern Idaho have close ties to Salt Lake City and the Mormon church... and they'd love to be a part of Utah.  Residents of Idaho's panhandle already look to Spokane, Washington as their hub. And the fancy folks of Sun Valley desperately want to be in a liberal-minded state like Oregon. My proposed map makes it all happen. I even threw a bone to Montana, giving that state Island Park and the surrounding area. Because everyone knows that once you go up the Ashton Hill, you're really in Montana (if you've been there, you'd understand). And the solid Republicans of Idaho would likely be in favor of the idea, because it saves money by minimizing duplication in state government. If you think this is all quite silly, remember there is historic precedent. Idaho once included a large chunk of what is now Montana, until a state leader gave it away. I'm just suggesting we continue the effort to its logical conclusion. If you'd like to see a bigger version of the map, go here. 

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