Haiti statehood

Haiti as the 51st state? That's what Rush Limbaugh thinks Democrats are angling for. You can listen to his theory here. As far-fetched as that is, a little historical perspective is in order. Haiti's island, Hispaniola, may be the only major island in the Caribbean that hasn't been considered for statehood. Cuba was quite seriously considered for statehood in the early 1900s. Puerto Rico continues to flirt with statehood. Many in the U.S. Virgin Islands would like to become the 51st state—but they know their population is too low. Even the Yucatan Peninsula wanted to join the United States back in the 1840s. Admittedly, Haiti doesn't have much of a shot in 2010, but if history is our guide, pretty much every Caribbean nation will get proposed at one time or another. 

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