New York to split?

Upstate New York threatens to split from New York City in late 2009. In the past, the Big Apple has tried to extricate itself from it's less cosmopolitan neighbors to the north—this proposal is unusual in that it originated upstate. What would they name the new state? Upstate New York or West New York or maybe The Real New York.


  1. How about Mohican or Tyendinaga?

  2. If the city-region gets to keep the name New York, then the rest of the state should be something Native American. If the majority of the state gets to keep the name New York, then the region around the city could be "New Amsterdam".
    The problem is that tax money from all the rich people in NYC pours into the rest of the state. I think we'll have to live with people assuming that we're from the city.....even though our neighbors are Amish.

  3. They should in turn name New York City Manhattan and New York, well New York! Interestingly if we split off NYC as a seperate state New York and Kentucky would share a shocking geographic similarity.

    Kentucky is currently the only state that owns a seperate piece of land that is surrounded completely by Missouri and Tennessee, yet it does not contact the rest of Kentucky! In Fulton County, Kentucky, the Mississippi meanders so that it cuts off the "Bend" from the rest of the state.

    Obviously if New York City becomes its own state the rest of Long Island would have to join in with New York and New York would be the second state to have an isolated region.

    However, most likely if New York City wants to become a state Long Island will have to be dragged into it so they can enter the union as a pair. The chance of New York owning an isolated portion like Kentucky is low, even if Manhattan were to seperate.