Michael Bay drops Israel from the map

The second Transformers movie concludes with a big battle near the border between Egypt and Jordan. The problem: there is no such border. The two nations don't meet. Israel is in-between. In fact, Israel was totally eliminated from the movie... even though the Israeli air force would have been handy in fighting the Decepticons. This isn't Michael Bay's only head-scratching geography error. In the current Transformers movie, he puts Washington DC in Illinois.  Hey, I realize the Transformers movies are not meant to be educational films, but these errors (and lots of others) show the contempt Michael Bay has for his audience. He has to assume that viewers are so stupid, they won't notice this stuff. Maybe he's right. If so, we're all in deep trouble. (That reminds me, I should probably check the DVD of Bay's Pearl Harbor. It wouldn't surprise me if—in Bay's version—the U.S. was attacked by China.)


  1. Michael Bay doesn't have contempt for his audience. He's just really stupid.

  2. Bay didn't make a mistake. He deliberately did that so he can sell the movie to Arab/Muslim audiences, whose goal is to take Israel off the map.