California split - a bad good idea

There's been talk in the last few days of splitting California to create the 51st state, but advocates have the names all wrong. (OK, the idea is lame too, but we'll get to that in a minute.) Jeff Stone, a Republican Riverside County supervisor proposes splitting California along the lines in the map above. He calls the new states "North California" and "South California." Seriously? He has Los Angeles in North California. He's also put cities that are further north than San Francisco (like Bridgeport) in South California. Huh? A much better name for these two states would be East California and West California. Or better yet, since Stone's real goal to to separate Republicans from Democrats, he might consider my naming suggestion in the bigger map above.

It's true that California should have split a long time ago... and it almost did in 1859 (Watch our video on this). But any proposal that puts Los Angeles and San Francisco in the same state... no one will take that seriously. More on the scheme here. 


  1. I'm still cheering for the Great State of Jefferson, so before we do anything else, we should split California at the 39th parallel (where the California-Nevada border bends at Lake Tahoe).

    Of the remainder, if you insisted on making a complicated border rather than just cutting the state at the 35th parallel, the coast side should be Pacifica and the mountain side should be either Sierra or Tierra (for Tehachapi-Sierra). Or maybe there is a good local Native American name we can give it.

    Finally, if you just couldn't live with Los Angeles in Southern California, just make L.A. County its own state. It has more than enough people. So you would have the great states of Jefferson, Pacifica, Tierra, and Los Angeles.

  2. Postal abbreviations will be problematic--How to distinguish the Californias from the Carolinas?

    1. It's true - the postal abbreviations would be the same as those of the Carolinas. Another reason to name the new states East and West California. But I don't believe division could ever happen, for political reasons. Splitting California as Stone suggests would create another Red state, which Democrats have no reason to support. And partition at the 39th parallel would effectively add another Blue state, which does nothing for Republicans.


    The Jeff Stone proposal of South California has 13 counties, and San Francisco isnt one of them. And LA county isnt a part of it because its a West Coast county. LA would never go for it anyway. But if they would, then San Luis Obispo and Ventura Counties could also be added in, since they vote Republican. But having LA County isolated from the rest of Northern California would be a non-starter.

  4. As a native Californian who has lived in 11 counties, the demographics are too complex to be surmised into "Southern Calif is ----" and Northern Calif is---"
    There are pockets and regions that defy the streotypes all over the place.
    Take the water issue for example, LA is demonized for importing water from Northern Calif, while SF and Bay Area cities import water from distant sources as well.
    True, the destruction of the Owens Valley by DWP is the stuff of legend, but SF created Hetch Hetchy and destroyed a magnificent Yosemite twin.
    This is just one example in hundreds I could provide to dispell the "they are bad and we are good" baloney.

    Perhaps large metro areas LA Basin/San Bernardino, SF Bay Area, Sacramento, Fresno, should be made into isolated city states of their own and made to pay higher taxes on natural resources provided by the surrounding rural area.
    For demonstration purposes the politicians proposing the split should be required to hold televised debates in such towns as Alturas on Monday, Red Bluff on Tuesday, Sebastapol on Wed, Trona on Thursday and Idylwild on Friday.
    Maybe we will all learn something.

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