Border meeting location found!

View Democrat-Republican meeting spot in a larger map Those rogue Wisconsin Democrats want to meet Republican Scott Walker "on the border." But hey, it's cold outside! So somebody needed to find a building that straddles the border. That's the kind of service we provide here at The above building (with the green roof) is an H&R Block office in the Beloit area that (according to Google, at least) straddles the Wisconsin-Illinois border. A tax preparers office--how perfect. Maybe lawmakers on both sides of all the shenanigans will meet an actual taxpayer.... you know, the people who pay their salaries.

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  1. Yeah, but do we trust Google Maps to actually know the border? I refer to the Isla Calero ( incident last year, where Nicaraguan troops, following instructions based on Google Maps (why was the military using Google Maps in the first place?), caused an international incident when they set up in Costa Rican territory. But hey, Google said it was Nicaraguan...