A bad name for the 51st state

Say it isn't so, Washington Post. On Sunday, the respected newspaper reported on recent efforts to make Washington D.C. the 51st state. The reporting was excellent, as usual.... but the headline suggested naming the state "Columbia." Really? Columbia? Isn't that name already taken--by a South American nation that's a major exporter of cocaine. And what about the fallout from Native American tribes who don't consider Columbus Day worthy of much celebration? Why not avoid all the negative ramifications and just call the potential new state "Potomac." That's my suggestion, anyway. Read more in the "Potomac" entry in Lost States.


  1. What would you call the residents of this new state?


    I've always thought the best solution would be to give the district back to Maryland. The population boost would probably give another representative and electoral vote to the state, without changing the Senate, while giving all the residents representation at last.

  2. The South American country is called ColOmbia.

    That's my little pedantic comment of the day :)

  3. May I suggest the name "Hellhole".