Bobby Brown, Kevin Federline: map "geniuses"

Did you see this on Leno last night? In "Battle of the Stars" Jay posed a series of questions to Bobby Brown, Kevin Federline, and Nicole Eggert. At one point he asks: "How many states in the Union." Bobby Brown says 52. FIFTY-TWO!  Nicole Eggert has NO IDEA. Kevin Federline finally takes a "wild guess" and goes with 50. It may be easy to say "oh, celebrities are dumb," But these three actually didn't do all that bad overall. They just don't know anything about U.S. geography. I want to send them a copy of Lost States... but I'm worried the cover map would send them into a tailspin. (You can watch the Leno clip HERE... skip ahead to the 4 minute mark.)


  1. It's a quite popular here in Europe to mock the Americans about their ignorance of any geography outside the US, but I am surprised that even US geography isn't standard knowledge there.

    I live quite close to one of the most strange lost country in Europe, Neutral Moresnet, a nearly independent country of just 1 square mile.

  2. According to the BBC quiz show QI, it's 46. Thankfully, Rich Hall was the first panelist to recognize that the remaining four are commonwealths, and British comedian Alan Davies lost ten points for saying it was 50.