The town in two states

The fine folks of Price Place, Arkansas seem to live in two states simultaneously. They pay taxes to Arkansas, but their kids go to Missouri schools. Their Arkansas drivers licenses say they live in Missouri. It's really weird. And now it's about to change. These Arkansas residents will actually get Arkansas addresses... and they are really mad about it. Yeah, I don't get it either, but one thing is clear: this is one state border that should be re-routed. You can get the full story here.


  1. Hey...
    If you watch Terra Nova you would've saw in the episode RUNAWAY that a girl in 2149 has grandparents in the state of New Texas.
    Where would New Texas be?
    How Big?
    Would the US annex Mexico?
    Maybe you could do a map of the US (or whatever its called) in 2149?


  2. Also...

    (from hunger games)


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