Swim from Cuba to US ends

This morning, Diana Nyad had to end her quest to swim the 103 miles from Cuba to the United States. She made it half way, which is nothing to sneeze at. Still, what was Nyad trying to prove? She claims the purpose of the swim was to demonstrate the youthfulness of people in the 60+ age group. I guess. But don't we already know that? Two words: Helen Mirren.

I think the bigger point to make here is just how ridiculously close Cuba is to the United States. Given its strategic position, Cuba has been considered for statehood more than once in US history. In fact, the only reason Cuba isn't a state right now is because the U.S. Congress of the early 1900s objected to giving citizenship to millions of people of color.  Fighting prejudice—maybe that's the topic Nyad can highlight in her next try. (More on Cuba's almost-statehood in Lost States)

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  1. We should have formally annexed Cuba after the Spanish-American war and we should seek to annex Cuba in the future after we annex Haiti, Belize, Trinadad, Guyana, Panama, Grenada, Albania, Poland, Taiwan and Ireland. After Cuba, we can then move on to the rest of the Carribbean and Central America and on to Mexico. We could admit Canada into the union as a dozen new states, purchase Greenland from Denmark and admit Australia and New Zealand into the union as seven new states.