Car Talk makes a big goof!

View St. George FL in a larger map
Here's proof that "Lost States" readers are a bit more detail-oriented (read "smarter") than Car Talk listeners. Sorry Tom and Ray, but our geo-smart readers have clear proof that your puzzler answer was no better than your advice on to cook fish on the radiator of a 65 Plymouth Belvedere. The puzzler question was:
(From Car Talk) There is only one city in the United States whereby traveling along the four compass points, the first state you reach is the same--no matter which direction you choose. The answer: Stamford, CT.
Sorry boys, but that's not exactly right. Sure Stamford is a correct answer, but it's not the only city. Lost States reader Frank Gerratana notes that St. George, Georgia also fits the description (See map above). Mike Provine and Peter Hartikka added that the northern parts of Washington DC also work (I figured that one out too!) Then there's Carter Lake, Iowa--a clear winner (thanks Peter Hartikka). Plus, while they may not be cities, there are plenty of non-city places that work. Charlie Kaupp noted there is a section of land just west of Weiser, Idaho that fits the bill. And I noticed that there is land across the river from New Madrid, Missouri that also meets the criteria.  Plus there are other spots in states that have windy-river boundaries. Sorry Car Talk guys... we love your show, but you got this one, well, wrong.

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